October 2013

Call Me Weekends or Evenings!

October 25, 2013

Some loan officers have set times when they respond to voicemails or emails and some don’t respond at all.  Because buying or refinancing a home can sometimes be a confusing process, I have made it a point in my business to be as available to my clients as much as possible. I have been known to respond […]

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The Ways that Your Financing Can Affect the Purchase Contract

October 21, 2013

One of the most common questions I get from buyers and Realtors is, “how long will it take to get the financing done?”.  This is an obvious question because the answer will help determine an appropriate date for the settlement deadline and the financing and appraisal deadline. There are also many other ways that the financing can affect […]

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Some Basic, Boring, General, Mortgage Qualifying Guidelines, Right Here!!

October 10, 2013

Ok so I figured I’d go back to the basics for this blog post because there is always somebody out there that doesn’t have a clue about what it takes to qualify for a mortgage, and because the guidelines for qualifying are always changing. I think the best way to tackle this topic is with specific […]

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